Kevin completed his music training from the Prestigious Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, California and graduated with an Associates Degree with Honors in guitar performance. He started playing Piano at the age of 5 and then went on to perform in local musicals, winning talent competitions, playing rock shows in arenas and in clubs. Kevin has acquired over 25 years of playing experience in the Middle East, India and USA, and this experience makes him a versatile player with a flexibility to adapt to any style and situation.

His stylistic expertise ranges from Jazz and Blues, to Rock and Metal, to Hip hop R&B and Funk, to Classical and Electronica.

He has played in International venues such as The Catalina Jazz club (Hollywood), Palace Grounds (Bangalore), St Andrews Auditorium (Mumbai) among others.

Kevin has studied privately under Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big, Racer X), Grammy award winner Jaime Kime (Zappa plays Zappa) and Dave Weiner (Steve Vai). He is currently involved in teaching his own students, recording sessions, plus performing with numerous bands in Mumbai.Edit

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